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About Sinus Infections

Are you suffering from painful sinus symptoms like a sore throat, runny nose, sneezing, and facial pain? Does it seem difficult to get rid of your sinus issues for more than a few days at a time? You may be suffering from chronic sinus infections or sinusitis. 

When our sinus symptoms become chronic and difficult to get rid of, they can begin to severely impact our quality of life. At Trinity ENT, we can get to the root cause of your sinus problems rather than just treating the surface symptoms.

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What is sinusitis (sinus infection), and when is it considered chronic?

When the tissues in your sinus cavities become swollen and inflamed, it’s known as sinusitis. This swelling can keep the mucus in the nose from naturally draining which allows the foreign substances in the nose (bacteria, viruses, etc.) to multiply and cause a sinus infection. 

When you have an underlying condition that is constantly preventing your nose from draining properly, you can begin to suffer from chronic sinusitis or sinus infection. Chronic sinusitis is classified as swollen or inflamed sinuses for 3 months or longer. Anything less is considered acute sinusitis.  

Whether you're suffering from acute or chronic sinus infections, we can get to the root cause and give you true relief from your pain at Trinity ENT.

What causes recurring/chronic sinus infections?

Several things can make it difficult for your nose to drain properly and you won’t get long-term relief from your pain until your particular root cause is treated. Some underlying causes include: 

Nasal Polyps - Nasal polyps can cause a blockage in the nose that can result in recurring infections.

Allergies - Coming into contact with your particular allergens can cause your sinuses to swell and lead to infections. Learn more about allergies.

Deviated Septum - When the wall of cartilage in the middle of the nose is abnormally shaped, it can block one side of the nose and lead to poor drainage, causing an increased rate of infection.

Tight Nasal Passages - If your nasal passages are too narrow, it can make it difficult for mucus to drain which leads to lasting infections and pain. We offer an in-office procedure called Balloon Sinuplasty that can help gently open your sinuses, giving you long-term sinus pain relief.

What are the common symptoms of a sinus infection?

Common symptoms include:
●     Stuffy Nose
●     Coughing
●     Nasal Congestion
●     Sore Throat
●     Fatigue
●     Facial Pain/pressure
●     Ear Pain

Find a treatment option that works for you at Trinity ENT

We offer several long-term treatment options at Trinity ENT that can get to the underlying cause of your sinus pain. We believe that all of our patients are unique and deserve the right level of care that fits their overall health goals and needs. Schedule with us today for real relief.

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